1. Moriro' d'Amore
2. Una vipera saro'
3. La Sua Figura
4. Moro perche' non moro
5. Love is a woman
6. Strade parallele
7. La Sposa
8. Illusione
9. Adrenalina
10. American man
11. Un'estate al mare

DVD - Concerto all'Auditorium di Milano del 4 Aprile 2001

1. La Zingara
2. Me voglio fa' na' casa
3. Vieni
4. Sakura
5. La Sposa
6. Nada te turbe
7. La Sua Figura
8. Lettera al Governatore della Libia
9. Il Sole di Austerlitz
10. Mediterranea
11. L'Attesa

Prodotto da M.A.Sisini
CD+DVD RadioFandango 2006

"Album di duetti virtuali, in cui la straordinaria voce di Giuni è accompagnata da artisti quali Franco Battiato, Lene Lovich, Caparezza, Tony Childs ed il coro delle Carmelitane Scalze."

Lene Lovich:
“It was a difficult time for me. My dear friend had just died. It wasn't expected, so there was shock as well as sadness. I didn't feel like singing.

Maria Antonietta Sisini contacted me at this time, to ask if I would like to be part of the album, "Unusual". It impressed me that there was so much love and care for this project. I was still full of pain because of my friend's death, but I was happy to be involved in something positive.

I didn't know Giuni Russo by name, but I knew her voice. It was in my memory from the many times I had been in Italy in the 80's. Although we were not the same, I believe we were both trying to do something new with our voices. It was our natural gift that we used to communicate and explain ourselves to a world that would otherwise not understand us.

There were many talented artists involved with "Unusual". I was pleased to make the connection with MAB, the fantastic female black metal band. They were Italian but living together in a house in London. MAB were so much fun and generously patient in helping me to understand and pronounce the Italian words of my chosen Giuni song.

I felt an instant affinity with "Moro Perche Non Moro"". I wanted to sing together with Giuni's original vocal, because it was a unique opportunity. The sadness in my heart made my voice shake as I was learning the song, but Giuni's voice gave me strength. I more I sang it, the more I felt tuned in to the emotion of the song: "I die because I do not die".

I have listened to Giuni's voice many times. There is power, sensitivity, colour, and honesty in every song. I think that is very unusual.” (L.L.)